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A Residential Rental Application form will help you choose well-qualified tenants who will most likely pay their rent on time, conform to the terms of the lease, and take good care of your property. You can download a rental application from this web site.

Everyone who wants to live on the property should complete an application. A prospective tenant who doesn't want to do so may have something to hide. Tell the applicant that you will do a credit and/or criminal background check. If prospective tenants have a poor credit or criminal history, this may stop them from applying. You may also want to charge an application fee to cover the cost of the credit and background check. Prospective tenants who know they won't pass the background check will not want to pay the application fee.

Be sure to ask applicants why they are moving. If they are moving because they are being evicted, you probably don't want to rent to them!

When you check a rental applicant's references, call two or three past landlords, not just the current one. The current landlord may be tempted to give a bad tenant a good reference so the tenant will be able to move. Verify the address of the property and length of residence to ensure that you are speaking to the actual landlord, not a fake reference.

A Residential Rental Application can help you gather important information about prospective tenants. To determine whether the applicant can afford to rent your property.

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Residential Rental Application FormResidential Rental Application Form
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