An Offer to Purchase form as it pertains to real estate is a written document that sets down terms, and obligations between the Seller of a piece of property and the potential Buyer.

This basic OFFER TO PURCHASE Form is referred to by different terms in different areas of the United States. Some areas refer to this form as a "Binder" or "Earnest Money Agreement." The most common term used is "Offer and Acceptance Agreement." The term "Offer and Acceptance" is probably the most precise and accurate description.

The Offer and Acceptance is a preliminary agreement setting down the terms of the Buyer for the purchase of the property and the Seller's subsequent acceptance of the terms. Usually this offer is accompanied by a sum of money described as "Earnest Money." When the Buyer presents the "Offer to Purchase", including the earnest money to the Seller and the Seller subsequently accepts the offer, the Buyer has secured the right to purchase the real estate upon agreed terms for a limited period.

If the offer to purchase the property is not accepted by the seller, the earnest money is totally refundable.

Our official offer to purchase real estate form is simple and straightforward, designed to merely present an offer to the Seller, containing basic terms of the Buyer. There are NO provisions for Real Estate Agent involvement, Disclosure Statements or Counter Offers. The primary purpose of this Form is to get the Seller to accept the basic concept of the Offer.

A formal Purchase Agreement" may be used to follow up, but is usually not required.

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Offer To Purchase