The LAND PURCHASE Contract is designed to present an"Offer To Purchase" and acceptance for the purchase of raw land, with no dwelling included.

The LAND PURCHASE CONTRACT should not be confused with the older term, "Land Contract" which is actually an ( installment contract). If you really want a Land Contract - Click Here

This Document the Land Purchase Contract has provisions for extensive financial terms, including "Carry Back Loans" from the seller. It also contains explicit provisions for survey of the property, soil tests, well reports, toxic contamination, zoning and much more. This Document is a well-written form that can do much to create a smooth transaction and protect all parties.

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Whether you are the buyer or seller, the language of any Land Purchase Contract can be confusing. Unfortunately, most of us cannot afford to hire an attorney to help us. Unless you know and understand contract law, it is very hard to write or sign any kind of agreement and be sure you won't be in trouble later.

We are here to help! You don't have to know all the rules, because our easy-to-use Land Purchase Contract form contains all the legal language you need. All you have to do is fill in your information.

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Land Purchase Contract
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