The CONTRACT-FOR-DEED has many names. In some parts of the country it is known as a "Land Contract," and in other areas it is known as a "Installment Contract." Our form, the Contract-for-Deed is designed as an agreement between the Buyer and the Seller for the purchase of real property in which the payment of all or a portion of the purchasing price is deferred.

The purchase price may be paid in installments over the period of the contract, with the balance due at maturity. When the Buyer completes the required payments, the Seller must deliver valid legal title by way of a deed. During the period of the contract, the Buyer makes installment payments on the purchase price and is entitled to possession and equitable title to the property. The Seller holds legal title and continues to be liable for payment of any underlying mortgage or loans.

The Buyer may assign and convey his/her interest in this "Contract" or any part thereof provided, however, that such assignment or conveyance should not result in any impairment of Seller's position. Under no circumstances shall any assignment or conveyance release the Buyer from obligations under this "Contract" unless the Seller specifically releases the Buyer in writing.

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